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Lanpka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department

January 15, 2024

Located at the intersection of Route 9 and Warren Avenue, The Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department # 1 was established in 1940, and is still an all-volunteer organization. The Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department also provides mutual aid to neighboring sections of Forked River and other municipalities of Ocean County. Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department # 1 responds to EMS, rescues, and other hazardous conditions within the city limits. Receiving no payments for services rendered to the residents of Lacey Township, the department depends on fundraising activities, hall rentals, and contributions from citizens and businesses to maintain its operations.

Dr. Kathy A. Banks, a longtime resident of Lacey Township, is committed to supporting The Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department # 1 in its mission to protect the life and property of those in our community.

Her contributions have been utilized in upgrading emergency communication devices, and for cold water and swift water training and apparatus.

Led by Fire Chief Jack Conaty, our brave volunteer firefighters respond 24-7 to various situations. In 2023 alone, the Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fired Department # 1 responded to 237 calls, among these calls were 41 fire calls and 51 motor vehicle accident/rescue situations. Join Dr. Kathy A. Banks in commending and thanking our brave volunteers of the Lanoka Harbor Volunteer Fire Department # 1 for a job well done, and please consider making a donation yourself.