Tooth Extractions & other Dental Surgeries

Tooth Extractions & other Dental Surgeries

Sometimes teeth need to be extracted. This can be due to a broken or fractured tooth that cannot be repaired, dental cavities, or periodontal disease that makes the teeth loose and painful. Sometimes a perfectly good tooth needs to be extracted to make space, relieve dental crowding, and to allow the orthodontist to straighten the rest of the teeth with braces. Primary teeth (baby teeth) are sometimes removed when there is dental decay or if the teeth don’t fall out when they are supposed to.

In any case, whether there is one tooth or several teeth to be extracted, Dr. Banks can provide comfortable, individualized care for you or your loved one. She provides a range of anesthetic services and Dr. Banks will discuss which options are best suited to you and your needs.

Sometimes, all, or most of the teeth need to be extracted for removable dentures. When several neighboring teeth are extracted at once, it is usually necessary to smooth and contour the bone of the extraction sockets so that when healing occurs, the resulting gum ridge is smooth and ideal for the new denture or partial denture. This procedure is called “alveoloplasty” and Dr. Banks will discuss with you whether you will require this procedure.

Teeth with root canal treatment can become infected and painful. When this happens, an abscess may form at the root tip of the tooth in the surrounding bone. A special procedure, apicoectomy or apical root surgery can sometimes be performed to salvage the failing tooth. This procedure usually involves removing the infected root tip via a gum incision. Dr. Banks will discuss your options with you to help you choose the best course of treatment.

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