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We Take COVID-19 very seriously

March 15, 2020

Our first priority is and always has been to protect our patients, families and our staff from potentially infective materials, viruses, TB, bacteria, and blood borne pathogens. 

Our up to date infection control measures are, and have always been:

  • Wearing gloves, masks, eye protection, personal protection equipment and utilization of appropriate barriers to prevent cross contamination
  • Utilization of Universal Precautions and Aseptic Techniques for all patient care
  • Using CDC recommended disinfection products and techniques to decontaminate our treatment areas including furniture, equipment, and work surfaces between patients
  • Sterilization of all patient- related, non-disposable items, and instruments, and using a rigid sterilization monitoring program
  • Cleaning and disinfecting non- patient areas such as the bathroom and receptions area, doorknobs and door handles
  • Having available tissues and hand sanitizers available in each area of the office

If you have an upcoming appointment, please reschedule if you are experiencing any cold or flu-like symptoms. We look forward to working with you through this difficult period.

During this time our temporary hours will be Monday through Friday, 8 AM - 2 PM.